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I think I saw this on TV sometime between 1975 and 1985. It's a movie with a small indie feel (sort of like Ken Loach or Mike Leigh), set in a rural area of Britain or the US. A young man (about 25) meets a crazy old man (about 65), who becomes his friend and mystical teacher.

Some scenes as I remember them:

  • At the end, Old Man is dead, and Young Man is looking out at the landscape. A long panning shot ends on a crow looking back at us, as if it's a reincarnation of Old Man. Young Man yells "I see you!"

  • At Old Man's request, Young Man buries him up to his neck in the ground in a sort of healing ceremony.

  • During a storm with thunder and lightning, Young Man and Old Man sit in a car cackling and enjoying the show.

  • Old Man puts Young Man to work at a derelict filling station. When he finally gets a customer, it turns out to be a joke, because the pumps don't work.

Someone suggested Melvin and Howard, which is a good guess, but I've seen that movie and it's not the one.

I remember this as a pretty interesting movie, so I'd like to see it again. Thanks!

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