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I imagine, but do not know for sure, that in the early days of film and television, credits were filmed on a second reel and added to the production after the fact.

Historically, what was the first film or television series to use credits that were generated by a computer instead of presented on transparencies or through other means?

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I'm fairly certain that the opening credits to the original Superman movie were computer generated (given how it looked), although I don't know if it's the earliest example. – Clockwork-Muse Oct 22 '12 at 16:23
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A. Michael Noll produced the first computer animated title sequence for Bell Labs' short film "Incredible Machine" in 1968, and for an Arthur C. Clarke TV special The Unexplained in 1970. Clockwork-Muse is correct in the comment above that the original Superman movie was the first feature-length film. I don't know about regular TV series, though.

Here's Incredible Machine from the AT&T Archives, if anyone is interested.

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