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In The Dark Knight, it is mentioned that the cops had a nick name for Harvey Dent even before the accident in which half of his face got burnt. Why did they call him that?

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I think in the scene where Gordon stands at Harvey's bed in the hospital (which is also where his nickname is first mentioned) it is said that Harvey was working for the Internal Affairs Department, which is in itself not that popular with the cops. So I understood this along the lines of Harvey showing two faces to the people/cops, the nice and charismatic friend and the hardened investigator without mercy.

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yes. thanks. I get it, remember the scene where Gordon mentions Dent the first time to Batman saying >"I heard he is as stubborn as you are." –  Hussain Tamboli Oct 16 '12 at 7:51

I'm guessing that the name "Two-Face" comes from him being a 'two-faced bastard', as he was an IA guy... cops investigating cops.

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