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At the end of the movie 'Blue Valentine', as 'Dean' walked away from the home and sending their daughter back to 'Cindy' mean that they separate (divorce or something)?

Or does it mean anything else as you think?

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Since it's my all time favorite movie, I've done a lot of research on this one. As per your question, movie ends when Dean walks away crying from Cindy and Frankie. And the ending of the movie is left to viewers opinion. It's an open end.

In the end, Cindy cursed Dean that she wants a fucking divorce and Dean tries to convince her and tells her that he doesn't want Frankie to grow up in a broken home and Cindy tells that she needs space but she doesn't persists that she wants a divorce.

So, based on the scene I mentioned, as an optimist, I thought Cindy and Dean would get back together.

Now, I'll tell you why Derek Cianfrance (director of this movie) wanted to make Blue Valentine and what he has in his mind. In an interview, Derek was asked whether his parents were divorced and he answered:

Yeah, when I was 20 they split up. It was so confusing to me that I decided to confront it with a film and just started writing it. I had various co-writers over the years, including Joey Curtis and Cami Delavigne, and they are also children of divorce, so we tried to confront our fears and confusion together. And then when finally Ryan and Michelle became a part of it they too are children of divorce, and they eventually became what I considered to be co-writers on the film.

By the above answer, it is obvious that he wanted to make a movie about the problems in marriages and how it ends with a divorce.

In IMDb trivia, it mentioned;

Some have speculated that Dean and Cindy have ended their marriage. One of the photos during the end credits shows Dean and Cindy running backwards holding a sign with "Is This You?" on it, hinting the upcoming dissolution of their marriage.

In another source here states that;

Their love has gone missing, and Cianfrance leaves it up to the viewer to decide what happened to it. He empathizes with both characters and doesn't ignore the maddening reality that a relationship, like fruit or eyesight, can go can bad from nothing but the passage of time.

And Derek Cianfrance said;

"To me there's no one reason why Dean and Cindy split up," he said. "It's a million reasons, and then at the same time, it's just a feeling."

In the question, you asked, "does it mean anything else as you think?" and despite all the speculations above, I think, Dean and Cindy will get back together.

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Yes, their relationship never worked out.

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'never' worked out? – Senthil Kumar Nov 9 '12 at 5:35

Like what Moe said, their relationship never worked out. it's pretty obvious Dean loves Cindy so much that he would do anything for her(example: marry her even he found out the daughter isn't his. He also begged her if he can do anything to make things better.) On the other hand, Cindy is selfish to me, notice whenever she doesn't like something, she says "stop it". I mean its ok to stop someone if you disagree what he is doing but that brings out her characteristic. She only cares about herself, since she doesnt care about her family at all. She didnt managed to abort because she was afraid to do it. Its like everything has to base on her preference. She didnt care about her daughter's breakfast, show, etc. She needed Dean because she knew she had a baby and she didnt know what to do. Also, she had to explain to her parents about her baby. It would've been tough if Dean never appeared in her life. That's also the main reason why she accepted Dean's propose.

At the beginning of their relationship, I can tell Cindy likes him because of his passion and characteristic. She told Dean to do something cuz she thought he has potential to be a "successful" guy. However, Dean doesn't share the same view,he said" I didn't want to be your husband." but he had to cuz he promised for what he said. He quit high school cuz he thought he couldnt find his life goal through big money and knowledge. He wouldn't mind working as a painter with low income. In my opinion, all he wants is a family with who he loves( his daughter and Cindy) but nothing else. To me, Cindy is selfish and a girl who won't think a step ahead, she does what she feels the most comfy. I also think, they did love each other, but the feeling was doubtful and temporary.

I have never seen such a sad movie, my heart literally broke at the middle of the film. I was like 'why Dean, why are u being such a good man! Why are u that stupid'. However, love is the thing makes people stupid and nonsense. Dean surely doesn't deserve that, but love is what makes him a person. It's life.

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I feel that the movie epitomises the reality of one sided relationships. We see Dean who does nothing but work on the relationship, trying to take her away for a night out, asking her is there is 'anything' he can 'change'. But Cindy in her own confusion decides that Dean is not good enough or that she deserves better, from what I see personally, the way she feels lost after she sees Bobby at the store. It's almost as if she is trying to contemplate what her life would be like is she had just stayed with Bobby, which for me as a viewer is quite upsetting because it's cleary portayed that he doesn't love her as much as Dean.

I don't think they will get back together and as much as it breaks my heart, I think it is what is right. Dean doesn't deserve to be in a marraige were he constantly feels like he is the 'bad guy', likewise him and Cindy share very different views and want to live different lifestyles. Cindy is selfish and Dean just wants a family and someone to love. Their relationship was built on temporary love and for Cindy convinience.

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