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In some episodes she is, in other ones she is eating (or trying to eat) a turkey sandwich or cooking dinner (chicken). I am confused and would like to know if this is the problem of many writers on same TV show?

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Is there some rule that non vegetarian can't eat veg sandwich? – Ankit Sharma Feb 26 at 12:31
@SSimon, a vegetarian is hard to meet his protein need; I've seen people who are actual vegetarians, but will eat meat occasionally when they need protein – Shevliaskovic Feb 26 at 12:52
@Shevliaskovic Cultural note: In the USA, a person who eats meat occasionally when they need protein would be criticized for calling themselves a vegetarian. There are plenty of ways to have a high protein diet without meat, including eggs and dairy. – Todd Wilcox Feb 26 at 14:31
It's largely a myth that it would be hard to get proteins from a vegetarian diet. If a vegetarian eats meat because of proteins, they're using it as a convenient excuse because they want to eat meat. – Moyli Feb 26 at 15:55
@Moyli It's entirely a myth. Getting complete protein is easy even with a vegan diet, and it's trivially easy for vegetarians who also eat eggs and dairy. – Era Feb 26 at 17:10

She wasn't a vegetarian when the show began. However, to quote from the wiki:

She promised to consider becoming a vegetarian after seeing how pigs were slaughtered (which was also the way her mother had been killed) [Season 1 finale - The Woman in Limbo]. However, in "The Tough Man in the Tender Chicken" (season 5, episode 6) Angela cites health reasons for Brennan's vegetarian diet.

So, after Season 1 she became a vegetarian. This would also suit Emily Deschanel, who is a vegan.

However, despite being a vegetarian, it doesn't mean she won't cook meat for other people (many vegetarians do).

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It's also not uncommon for people to eat vegetarian meals most of the time, but occasionally eat meat (such people may identify as a "sometimes vegetarian" or "flexitarian"). I personally know people who eat meat about once a month yet still identify as vegetarian since the rest of their meals are 100% vegetarian. – Thunderforge Feb 26 at 17:19
@Thunderforge around here those people are called hipsters. – cde Feb 26 at 19:03

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