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In this film, some guys gain powers.

I remember that there is one that can see the future, a woman that can heal diseases, and one that can control the milk. The last one becomes evil and kills them all, but this turns out to be the vision of the one who can see the future.

Following this vision, the other take revenge against the evil one before everything happens.

Note, it's not Chronicle.

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control the milk: Er, what? – Andrew Martin Feb 18 at 12:34
Did you mean control the mind and that she is the one who goes evil? – Andrew Martin Feb 18 at 14:00
It's milk, I remember this plot too. Some kind of talent show... I think i got it. Answer incoming. – ElDuderino Feb 18 at 14:22
No, it was specifically milk. There were a bunch of super powers, and some of them were rather more useful than others. – Sobrique Feb 18 at 16:20
It's silly how much of this overlaps with Heroes, and The 4400 before that. Other than, y'know, that weird milk thing. – Lindsey D Feb 18 at 17:13
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You are thinking about Episode 2.6 of the series Misfits.

The power to control milk is called Lactokinesis.

After Milk Man reveals superpowers to the world, he gets ignored for the main cast, a bunch of delinquents with better powers. Milk man starts killing people with his lactokinesis, but one of the Misfits travels back in time to before Milk Man goes to the media. They then beat or kill him, it's a bit vague.

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Control... the milk. I don't even know where to start. If this is the answer, well done! – Andrew Martin Feb 18 at 14:33
@andrew he lost the super power lottery that is the Misfits. Then again, he was pretty damn good at murdering people until someone lactose found out and stopped him. He made people choke on their breakfast with his mind. – cde Feb 18 at 17:05
I remember that episode. That show was great. Other powers included switching sexes, inducing people to rape you by physical contact, and some weird deal where this guy perceived the world to be Grand Theft Auto. – DCShannon Feb 18 at 18:24
@AndrewMartin It's definitely the answer, as soon as I read the question I recognised the show although it is a british TV show not a film (or as americans call it movie) – Tim B Feb 19 at 12:22
Well he is not one of their social workers so they probably just beat him up, the social workers always end up dead. A sort of running joke after awhile. Great show, and yes, this is what I thought of when I saw the Question – MichaelF Feb 19 at 13:40

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