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In the movie Citizen Kane. What is the significance of rosebud? Or is its insignificance a significance? Or the director has achieved what might sound similar to John Travolta's misdirection in the movie Swordfish.

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The ultimate movie question! –  Andrew Latham Jan 16 '12 at 4:14

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From Mr. Welles himself:

The most basic of all ideas was that of a search for the true significance of the man’s apparently meaningless dying words. Kane was raised without a family. He was snatched from his mother’s arms in early childhood. His parents were a bank. From the point of view of the psychologist, my character had never made what is known as “transference” from his mother. Hence his failure with his wives. In making this clear during the course of the picture, it was my attempt to lead the thoughts of my audience closer and closer to the solution of the enigma of his dying words. These were “Rosebud.” The device of the picture calls for a newspaperman (who didn’t know Kane) to interview people who knew him very well. None had ever heard of “Rosebud.” Actually, as it turns out, “Rosebud” is the trade name of a cheap little sled on which Kane was playing on the day he was taken away from his home and his mother. In his subconscious it represented the simplicity, the comfort, above all the lack of responsibility in his home, and also it stood for his mother’s love which Kane never lost.

source (the rest of the article is an interesting read in itself)

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en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chekhov%27s_gun Citizen Kane introduced "Rosebud" early in the film both as a minor prop and as the major plot focus only to reveal what "Rosebud" really meant in the last scene. –  pramodc84 Dec 14 '11 at 12:15
+1 For answering a tripple question with this single post: What is rose bud?, Does it have significance? and Why? –  NGLN Dec 14 '11 at 21:39

Rosebud looks like heart after every material gain in life he learnt happiness and love is only essesence of human existence not money remember what girl said? You want me to love you don't you? With or without money man have been pursuit of only happiness and being loved

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Hello and welcome to the Stack Exchange. Quick note: this was already answered over two years ago with a quote from the man who directed, co-wrote, produced and starred. Orson Welles explained everything. I suggest checking out the Tour to get a better idea of how to ask and answer questions. We're not a typical discussion forum. Don't be discouraged, we were all new here at some point. –  Meat Trademark Apr 13 at 19:50

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