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In The Matrix (2000) Thomas A. Anderson or more widely known as Neo was recruited by Morpheus to rebel against the machines. As per the plot, The Matrix of the story was un-real and a virtual reality created by the machines, so considering this wouldn't this make Mr. Thomas Anderson un-real or virtual? Or did the Red Pill transformed him into reality? If we considered that Mr. Anderson was a virtual consciousness of Neo this means his physical self was "Plugged" to The matrix somewhere, but then the plot also describes that the Red Pill was the thing that made him capable of getting plugged onto the matrix at will. Also, why was he pursued by the agents even before he knew Trinity and or Morpheus?

Also, when the Oracle says that Neo is not The One was she lying intentionally to Neo (to avoid a pressure situation) or was she telling the truth for all intents and purposes?

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Actually the Red Pill was a tracing program for them to find his physical body in the Body Farms. The Blue Pill is a simple sedative to make them think it was all just a dream. It's the plugs in their body that allows them to be jacked in at will. – TylerShads Oct 13 '12 at 0:01
It is mentioned on the DVD commentary that everything "in the matrix" was purposely filmed with a green tint, while everything in the real world had a blue tint as a colour cue to differentiate between the two. – user1887 Feb 25 '13 at 17:13
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That's a lot of questions.

  • The matrix is a virtual reality. The dark tunnels, the breeding grounds, the Nebuchadnezzar, the bad food, etc., is the real reality.

  • Thomas Anderson is a real person only in the perspective of everybody in the virtual matrix.

  • The red pill did not transform Thomas Anderson, it kind of killed him: The red pill was a "virus" that the matrix program could not handle, thus so releasing Neo from its incubator, and "sending" a tracking signal to the code stream of the matrix which is intercepted by Morpheus' team. Neo woke up, became aware of the reality for the first time in his life and Thomas' code was purged from the matrix.

  • Morpheus tells Thomas that when he takes the red pill, he simply will tumble into a rabbit hole giving nothing but the truth. The red pill does not plug him into the matrix, nor did Morpheus say so.

  • Thomas was pursued by the agents from the moment the matrix program recognized the goal/plan of Morpheus' team. The very beginning of the movie reveals Trinity searching for Thomas. Of course the agents went after Trinity first.

  • The oracle tells Neo a lie because the one had to find things out for himself. Also, he kind of becomes the one by almost sacrificing himself due to the lie, but that's a whole different discussion with surely lots of opinions.

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Any sources, or are those your personal insights? :) – Shadow Wizard Oct 14 '12 at 21:47
@ShadowWizard - I think these are reasonable interpretations of the movie. Most are just statements of plot. The last one as NGLN points out is the most 'interpretive' of the answers. – iandotkelly Oct 14 '12 at 23:06

There is no true reality per se as Morpheus mention on the movie reality is nothing but electrical signals interpreted by the mind. The Thomas living in the matrix was as real as Thomas living outside the matrix. The differences is that he conformed to the reality of the matrix since he was in ignorance. Reality is more of a contextual reality. Neo asked trinity that he had memories of the time he was inside the matrix, and what did that meant, if it was not real? She responded that the matrix cant tell him who he really was.

Reality IS in fact what you want it it to be. Just like the little boy at the Oracle's apartment bending the spoon tells Thomas that he can't really bend the spoon. Bending the spoon is impossible. that which bends is only one's self. since there is no actual spoon. spoon is only a concept created by the mind to aid in the mutual understanding of a tool that is used in the aid of eating. but if there are no minds to conceptualize the idea of a spoon then spoon does not truly exist.

The oracle never lied to Thomas, since she only reaffirmed to Thomas's self answer of him not being the "one". Since he did not believe he was the one he was not the one at that point but only until he started believing in himself did he turned into the one. she did hinted though that he had the gift. The oracle would not truly had known since it depended on Thomas's choice the actual outcome of him being the one or not. Hence he started beliving he was was and changed his reality.

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So what I gathered is, the matrix is a program. The "real world" is where Zion is. The matrix was created by the machines after winning the war against man kind. The matrix is implanted into the human clones that the machines grow and harvest for energy to give them the thought of living. So there for the matrix is basically a dream if you were. The reason neo came back to life and can do what he can do in the matrix is because of the spoon theory. He basically bends the fake reality. Since you can do that if your mind opens up and realizes it's not real.

Neo basically was born and his body grew to adult form in the machines pods. (Which is why he has the bolts in his skin) The red pill seems to be a virus which ends the matrix and wakes his body up.

But the real question is, how come neo had powers outside the matrix if in fact the "real world" is supposed to be real???

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Your question is discussed in length here. – Shadow Wizard Nov 28 '13 at 13:42

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