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In the return of the series for Season 7, Dexter is obviously frustrated with what is going on in his life.

In order to deal with his stress, he finds a new victim to prey upon Doing what I do best.

He captures his victim in a Miami Airport and takes him into a baggage claim area to perform the deed and uses a surf board bag to carry his body out of the airport to finish the disposal process.

However, knowing how strict US airports have been recently (for foreigners, you essentially get an hour questioning for a toothbrush, if you look at the Security officials the wrong way), how is he able to not only get needles through security, but remains unseen during his whole stalking and abducting of the target? Or is this just meant for the viewer to suspend reality for this series of events?

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He explains away the needles as being diabetic, no? – Bernard Oct 11 '12 at 2:52

I thought he said something about they only care where you are going not where you came from. So they will check you over numerous times to get in but to leave they don't really give much attention.

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They pay attention if you're on an international flight! But yes, for domestic flights you can often practically walk off the plane and into the parking lot. – Jon Story Oct 6 '15 at 12:58

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