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On the background to Alan & Phil's team on Big Fat Quiz of the 90s, who was the woman to the left of Liam Gallagher?

Big Fat Quiz

(Far left of picture)

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Can you link a picture of the background to that show? –  BamfTheNightAway Sep 23 '12 at 22:56
Looks like kelly brook to me, I'm trying to find a non-swimsuit image but this is proving difficult ;-) –  EdChum Mar 24 at 16:10

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Looks like a very young Kylie Minogue to me. The Australian singer shot to stardom in the UK with her 1988 album (Kylie) and the single, "I Should Be So Lucky." 13 more top ten songs followed in the next few years. She was all over the British press in those years as she transformed herself from "girl next door" to the sexier image she is more known for. I remember she was a beloved target for Clive James' humor several years in a row in his annual review Clive James on the 90s.

Then enter image description here and now enter image description here

ADDITIONAL PHOTO: Here is a photo of Kylie with Michael Hutchence at his 30th birthday party in 1990. It looks like it could be the same dark top, a little bit of sheen to it, a little bit of white scarf sticking up at the neck (can't see the black choker from this angle), and the same hairstyle. The actual photo from the show is proving elusive! enter image description here

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