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At the airport Cole meets Jose who gives him a gun and instructs him to kill Dr. Peters. Now the question is - why?

They make it clear in the film that the past cannot be altered and that is why he was sent to get a sample of the virus and not stop it.

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Does no one wonder how Cole, as a child in airport , survived to grow old and become the time traveler, given he was at ground zero of the initial outbreak. –  user4844 May 12 '13 at 5:57
@Buddy Story: AFAIR this airport was not ground zero, the virus-spreader just took off from there to spread the virus over airports in the whole world. –  atticae May 12 '13 at 14:24
@atticae, young Cole was indeed at the airport when the redheaded scientist opened the first virus vial at the baggage check. The movie does not explain why young Cole was not infected. I've always assumed he (and other survivors) were spared just by randomness -- perhaps some sort of mutation that made them immune, or perhaps they just got lucky and didn't inhale the same toxic air particles that claimed others around them. –  Shiz Z. May 12 '13 at 21:17

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The scientists use Jose to force Cole into trying to kill the virus-spreader because they needed to learn the virus-spreader's identity.

Remember, the scientists knew Cole was at the airport because Cole had left a voicemail from there. But in the voicemail, while Cole said the Army of the 12 Monkeys did not spread the virus, he didn't say who the real culprit was.

So Jose's task at airport is to give Cole the gun and then watch who Cole goes after. But while Jose and Cole are talking, Catherine runs up and says she's figured out it is the redhead assistant to Dr Goynes who spreads the virus. At this point, Jose fades out of the scene, having got what he needed. (for confirmation see scene as written in production draft of script)

Of course, airport security shoots Cole when Cole points the gun at the virus-spreader. The scientists may have provided Cole a non-working gun to encourage this outcome.

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Why did the scientists want to encourage the outcome? –  Mistu4u Jul 15 '13 at 4:08
@Mistu4u once Cole made it clear he wanted to stay in the past, the scientists wanted him dead -- probably to preserve the timeline. Although it might have just been to punish him: Cole himself says something like "this isn't about the virus, this is about following orders." –  Shiz Z. Jul 25 '13 at 15:37

It's been a while since i've seen it, but I'm pretty sure the scientists from the future did not know Dr. Peters was carrying the virus. As explained on the movie FAQ at IMDB.com:

It is strongly implied that the scientists from the future planned Cole's death because he refused to return to his own time, and they could not allow him to disturb the past any further. They send Jose (Jon Seda) through time to give Cole an ancient gun and instructions to complete his mission. They might have intended that Cole try to use the gun in a(n) (futile) attempt to kill the carrier of the virus.The scientists probably knew it would not work and would cause security personnel to neutralize him, while the female scientist herself made sure the mission was completed.

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The scientists exploited Cole. It was essential that Cole die at the airport as it provided the memory of his older self being shot, which the Scientists manipulated for his mission, as the memory was recurrent as a dream that continued to develop providing him new investigative paths or possibilities as well as drawing him closer to Dr. Raily, a psychologist whose entire job is understanding her patient's pasts and psychology.

Dr. Raily's sympathies for Cole helped their relationship develop, which was key into pushing them toward the final discoveries at the airport. With Dr. Raily identifying Dr. Peters as the trigger man from her past interaction with him, Dr. Jones from the Future stepped in. The Scientists had no interest in stopping the viral outbreak but lied to Cole about that, evident by his comment "I can't save you, nobody can." They could have.

Instead the Scientists chose to allow the virus to spread and to study the outbreak patterns and develop an anti-virus that they would provide in the future, allowing them to be seen as heroes, allowing them to continue and possibly expand their power and governance over the underground society as they returned to the surface of the Earth. This technique was used for the plot of V for Vendetta ("Imagine you have a virus and only you have the cure.")

Meanwhile, Cole is truly an essential messiah. James Cole has the same initials as Jesus Christ. However, he would probably never be known as a messiah.

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Cole was pardoned. The scientist stopped the virus spreader on the plane at the end. By identifying the person responsible, Cole stopped the virus from spreading and his childbood continues as normal after the airport incident. He is now free, he is a hero. That is why the Dr (his new girlfriend) smiles when she sees the young Cole standing there, she understands the circle.

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Shiz's answer, and the link he provided, seem to support his reasoning rather well. I think that the woman scientist ("Jones, I'm in insurance") was coincidentally on the plane (in the past time-line) at the end of the movie and not there to stop him. Otherwise, why wouldn't she/they go back to before Dr. Goines' assistant (Dr. Peters) opened the vial and released the disease? –  Meat Trademark Apr 7 '14 at 10:19

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