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I'm desperately searching for an old cartoon I saw when I was a little child. unfortunately I don't remember all the details, rather the strange feeling it evoked in me. Here is a keyword like sketch of my memory/association with it:

surrealistic black and white cartoon, utopian atmosphere, machines develop own's life, dark mood, flying typewriters or sewing machines, machine which spills a lot of oil, some kind of engines.

I remember that this "machines" started to fly and making a disturbing roaring sound. based on my biased (now adult) reconstruction I would say that the motif of this flick tried to capture a deep angst that came along with more and more industrialisation, but that could also be utterly wrong. (but looking at the images I get back when searching for "industrialization" capture this feeling pretty well)

Without limiting the suggestions I would date it in a range of 1920-1940. I searched several hours on youtube and similar sites, no result. I know that my description is very vague but I don't have more info and I just hope that this keywords trigger some associations of movies/cartoon where one of them might be the one I search for.

Edit: born in 1987, I guess I was 6-10 when I saw it.

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oh goodness, I'm looking for the exact same thing! I assume it must be, I just have vague memory of it from when I was reallllyyyy young and I can't find anything that matches, only this post! –  user2057 Sep 16 '12 at 15:36
then lets hope somewhere somebody knows what we are searching for or at least can give a hint ;) –  vare Sep 17 '12 at 22:11
Hmm… I remember seeing this on TV when I was young, but I don't think it's as old as you think. –  ghoppe Sep 17 '12 at 22:41

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Just in case someone else was actually following this, I found it! :)

The World of Machines

You can see its actually way more recent (80's) then I estimated, but the style is quite unique with he collage-like scenes in between.

Anyway, I am really happy I found it and thanks for your help.

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