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Someone in relation with a girl, she is pregnant. He leaves to work building a dam in Iraq.

Much later waiting for his flight to New York City.

In Iraq (or some undeveloped country), a man tells him that the girl married to someone owner of tobacco plantation in this country. He would not go on the flight, going to find that guy.

When he finds the place, he finds that guy hanged from the ceiling.

The movie is probably german.

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Welcome to MTV. Can you provide some details like, when you watched the movie or TV show? and, do you have idea of how old it was? – Vijin Paulraj Sep 4 '12 at 14:46
i've stumbled on this recorded on old tape. guess it is a movie that was recorded from the cable tv, but don't know when. seams the girl name is Hanah – Widower Wid Sep 4 '12 at 15:19

The movie is Voyager (1991). Here is the beginning of the plot (from Wikipedia):

In April 1957, engineer Walter Faber (Sam Shepard) is waiting to board a flight from Caracas, Venezuela to New York City when he meets a German, Herbert Hencke (Dieter Kirchlechner), who reminds him of an old friend. Before takeoff, Walter decides not to board the airplane, but when a flight attendant discovers him still in the terminal, she escorts him aboard. During the flight, the airplane develops engine trouble and crash lands in the desert near the Sierra Madre Oriental mountains. While the passengers and crew wait to be rescued, Walter discovers that Herbert Hencke is the brother of his old friend, Joachim (August Zirner), whom Walter has not seen since he left Zurich, Switzerland, twenty years ago. He also learns that Joachim married Walter's former girlfriend Hannah (Barbara Sukowa), that they had a child together, and that they are now divorced. After writing a letter to his current married girlfriend, Ivy, ending their relationship, Walter thinks back on his days in Zurich falling in love with Hannah. He remembers proposing marriage to her after she revealed she was pregnant, and that she refused, saying she would terminate the pregnancy. The passengers and crew are rescued and brought to Mexico City, where Herbert prepares to continue on to see his brother Joachim at his tobacco farm in Guatamala. Walter decides to accompany Herbert to see his old friend again. The journey is long and difficult. When the two finally arrive at the tobacco farm, they find Joachim has hanged himself.

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thank you very much. the best i could expect! – Widower Wid Sep 5 '12 at 17:20
@WidowerWid if its the right movie you're looking for, it would be helpful if you could mark the answer as accepted. – Dredd Sep 6 '12 at 15:44

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