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About 10 years ago, I watched a telefilm on TV. Its story was revolving around a kid named Gove. His father dropped him in a boarding school and the adventure continued. He made friends there. All started to break laws like stealing cookies in night etc. And, in all events Gove got caught.

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I think the movie you are looking for is A Feast at Midnight.

This is from a user review:

Young Magnus Gove (Freddie Findlay) is sent away to an austere boarding school that manages to serve the most unpalatable of meals. Even the Headmaster (Robert Hardy) can barely stomach the overly healthy menu. Magnus' father (Edward Fox in a short cameo) sends him a number of enticing recipes, which spur Magnus and his oddball group of friends to venture, in the dead of night, into that forbidden no-boys land of "The Kitchen". There they discover the true meaning of friendship as they concoct the most unlikely of meals. The interaction between the boys that make up "The Scoffers" club is priceless. All handled with just the right tone by director Justin Hardy (son of The Wicker Man's Robin Hardy), to avoid falling into the bottomless well of gushing sentimentality.

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