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In season 3 of Friends, Ross Geller says that he is 29 years old.

In season 4 of Friends, Ross again states that he is 29 years old.

In season 5, Ross talks about getting divorced twice before turning 30.

Is Ross stuck in some sort of time dilation where he doesn't age, perhaps being in denial about his age or is there some other explanation for how he doesn't seem to get older over a three year period in the show?

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In season 4, Gunther asks Rachel when her birthday is, and Ross starts to say that his birthday is in December but does not mention the day. – Don'tworryaboutit Jun 2 at 17:22

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FRIENDS Wiki points out that:

Ross's age is treated inconsistently by the show's writers, the best evidence is that he was born on October 18, 1967.

There are several episodes in which Ross's birthday/age is either mentioned or hinted at, but they often contradict each other (click the link for details).

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In season one episode four, Ross states his birthday was "seven months ago" in response to a hockey game taking place on on "the 20th, October 20th?".

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