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In The Dark Knight Rises, at the end of the movie Talia said, it was her father's dream to destroy Gotham city, and I accept that any daughter who was in that situation will definitely think to destroy Gotham to fulfill her father's dream.

But, I don't understand why does Bane want to fulfill the dream of Ra's al Ghul?

He was expelled from the League of Shadows by Ra's al Ghul. So, any man who was in that position would definitely have furious anger over Ra's al Ghul and take vengeance. But Bane didn't do that, despite his ex-communication from the League of Shadows why would he want to work for Ra's al Ghul's dream? Unless it is because he's in love with Talia?

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As Bane said, he viewed himself as carrying on the League of Shadows' mission in the wake of Ra's' death. As Ra's explained in Batman Begins, the League periodically culls civilizations, and Gotham was next. Batman prevented their attempt in Batman Begins, but Bane returned to finish the job in The Dark Knight Rises.

Given the revelation at the end of Talia's identity and role, much of the above still holds. However, instead of Bane being the leader, he was simply a top lieutenant following Talia's orders. Talia's motivation was more of a revenge thing. She wanted to get back at Batman/Bruce for killing her father. And the thing that Bruce cares about most is Gotham, so slowly and painfully destroying that would give her the vengeance she desired over the loss of her father.

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"Doesn't matter who we are, what matters is our plan".

We find that the plan is to destroy Gotham, it doesn't matter who is carrying this out, whoever they are, they are upholding and executing a plan. Well, in order to see the plan in its purest form, we have to ask "Whose plan was it originally, it doesn't matter who is pursuing it now, but what was the original plan?"

To answer this, we have to go all the way back to Batman Begins, it is Ra's Al Gul's plan. So the question isn't really "Why does Bane want to destroy Gotham?" but "Why does Ra's Al Gul want to destroy Gotham?" He explains in the League of Shadows' Temple while training Bruce (albeit, Ducard rather than Ra's). He says that Gotham is the epitome of corruption and injustice and has to be taken out to restore balance and justice.

Now, sure, Bane and Thalia have their own reasons for wanting to uphold this plan. Talia wants to simultaneously punish her father's murderer and accomplish his incomplete work. Bane wants to support Thalia as he sees her as purity and redemption, he maybe even has romantic feelings toward her (which is more literarily ambiguous than commonly thought).


Think of that theory and reconsider the line "it doesn't matter who we are, what matters is our plan"

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