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In many Hollywood horror movies the last climactic scene features the dialogue "take me instead". For example, Dark Water (2005), The Exorcist and The Ring 2.

So what is the origin of this famous dialogue?

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The theme of sacrifice oneself for another is quite common in film and literature, so finding the origin may be impossible.

However, searching Subzin, the earliest mention I found of "take me instead" is from The Battle of China (1944):

1:34:30 General, I beg you to let the girl go
01:34:36 She is innocent
01:34:40 Take me instead

The first specifically horror film is The Gate (1987)

01:15:06 No!
01:15:08 Come back here!
01:15:11 Take me instead!
01:15:13 Come back!
01:15:15 What do you want? Another sacrifice?
01:15:17 Come back! Take me instead.
01:15:21 Come back.
01:15:23 Come back.

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