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As told in the Curse of the Black Pearl, Captain Jack Sparrow faces mutiny by his crew members and is abandoned on an island before the mutineer crew find a chest of cursed coins.

How is it then possible that he ends up being cursed?

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Actually Captain Jack Sparrow didn't get cursed when his old crew found the Aztec gold.

What you may be thinking of is the point in the movie where Jack becomes undead for short time. In the cave, while Barbossa and Jack negotiated, Jack stole one Aztec coin from the chest getting himself cursed until he returned it.

Here you can read fairly detailed plot in case you missed something.

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He wasn't cursed to begin with, it was only near the end of the film when he takes a coin directly from the chest that he gets cursed.

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Even though jack sparrow clearly wasn't cursed until he took the gold on the isle of (something hard to spell/pronounce) there are a few misleading scenes where it hinted at him being dead or undead or cursed (whatever it is). When he ate the poisoned apple and showed no symptoms of being poisioned and where some pirate said to him "your spose to be dead" and he responds "am I not?"

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What poisonous apple? "and where some pirate said to him "your spose to be dead" and he responds "am I not?"" - I don't think that was to hint on a curse, though. – Napoleon Wilson May 9 '14 at 7:04
I don't recall any apple being poisonous in the movie. Further, they say he should be dead because they stranded him on what they thought was a completely desolate island. We then learn further in the movie that it has a cache of food and Jack got off the island safely..or as he says "Sea Turtles". – TylerShads May 9 '14 at 13:46

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