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In Twin Peaks episode 21 (aka season 2, episode 14), we see Dr Jacoby at the Great Northern helping Ben work through his 'Civil War' insanity. Later though we see him walking ou at the Sheriff's office where he claims to have spent the past 24 hours with Lana and claims:

Good, I wanted everyone to hear this. I have just spent most of the last twenty four hours with this charming young lady.

I'm pretty sure there was no indication that a day passed between these two scenes and in the first Jacoby looked pretty wrapped up in Ben's case. How can he have been in both places? Is there any explanation, in-universe or otherwise for what happened here or is this a simply plot inconsistency that was overlooked?

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He simply could have done a long session with Ben while Lana waited in the car....spending 24 hours doesn't necessarily mean every second plus how do we know if she wasn't at the Great Northern waiting for Jacoby to come back

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