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Throughout Brian DiPalma's 1983 classic, Scarface, Tony Montana has an odd relationship with his sister Gina. His attitude toward her ranges from overprotective to jealous to generous, and just about any conceivable emotion in between.

At those moments when Tony's jealousy and overprotective nature are exposed (seeing Gina go into the bathroom with a guy, when he shoots Manny, etc.), it appears that Tony has passionate feelings for his sister stronger than two siblings should share.

Simply put: is Tony in love with his sister, Gina?

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I think he's more in love with idea of an innocent Gina, the little girl he used to know before he went to jail. He is obsessed with keeping her pure, since everything else in his life is steeped in sin. So when he catches her doing adult things, like her encounter in the club and having a secret affair with his best friend, he loses his head as he sees her as the only good thing in his life.

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Makes sense. Good answer. –  Mamta D Jun 8 '12 at 12:17

Tony knew that they already have the sexual relationship but when his mother cries in-front of him , he become angry that his mom told that he had made her exactly as him...so he killed many...but later due to sorrow and stress Gina thinks that he is saving her for sex....that is why after death he cries for Gina.

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