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This was a late 80s/early 90s direct to video movie that was in two parts

It was animated, took place in some kind of fantasy winter realm

Maybe had some kind of sled race? I remember it had a charismatic villain character who was trying to foil the young protagonists

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Maybe Cool Runnings? –  DustinDavis Aug 30 at 21:54
No. animated... Quite possibly of the dubbed foreign variety. And it's not Balto either –  Derek Aug 30 at 22:01
What do you mean by two parts? –  Crow T Robot Aug 30 at 23:03
It was serialized across two different VHS tapes I'm pretty sure. But it wasn't a tv show –  Derek Aug 30 at 23:12
Are you sure it wasn't The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe? I had an old VHS of that over two tapes. But I think it was live action. –  DisgruntledGoat Sep 2 at 0:19

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