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On the movie's ending, Wikipedia points out that the characters act more "natural," as if they are no longer influenced by the game, but on the other hand, similar to the scene in the Chinese Restaurant, no one really seems to be alarmed about the murder.

I know there was much speculation and theorizing about the ending of Inception, with one popular idea claiming that

He was in the real world, as his totem was actually his wedding ring, which he was not wearing at the end.

eXistenZ features a very similar ending to Inception, and I was wondering if there was any consensus (seems unlikely) or theories as to whether the last scene took place in the real world or the game.

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I'm afraid there won't be an ultimate answer on this, as raising the doubt what is real and what not was the whole point of this movie. Still, I'm interested in the answers on this one and what theories exist on this (if reasonably backed by the movie, of course). –  Napoleon Wilson Aug 28 '14 at 20:44

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My understanding is that the last scene takes place in the real world. My reasoning is as follows: The story elements of each game session are drawn from the thoughts of the players. The in-game story involves a working gun made from bone that at one point, (possibly more than once, I can't remember), the dog finds and carries to Pikul and Allegra. The plot-point of the dog bringing them the gun is incorporated into the story from Pikul's and Allegra's thoughts because they know that in the real world their sheepdog is carrying guns for them hidden under a shaggy false mane.

When they shoot the game designer, the other players are unsure whether they are still in the game or not. This is consistent with the claims made by supposedly fanatical characters in the movie about the reality-deforming effects of virtual-reality games.

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Interesting idea. I suppose it is possible that they're still in a game, and there's an even higher-up cause for all the dog-gun associations, but that is a little needlessly complex. I did read something similar to your last paragraph somewhere else, about how the realists are vindicated by the other game-players' uncertainty of reality. It's a good point. –  codebreaker Aug 29 '14 at 3:42
The dog connection is quite interesting, yet I think this might as well be a recurring motif in the game, reappearing in different levels throughout. But still interesting theory. –  Napoleon Wilson Aug 29 '14 at 8:30

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