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In the Arrested Development episode "Missing Kitty" (S01E16) Tobias, during his in-prison research for the role of "Frightened Inmate #2", is having difficulties with his new roommate White Power Bill. But when he approaches the Warden with his fears, he manages to convice Tobias of going on:

Warden: But didn't you come here to research the nature of fear? I can't think about a better teacher than White Power Bill, he's like a master's course unto himself.
Tobias: So you think I'm a coward?
Warden: There's only one man I thought to call a coward, that's Brian Doyle Murray...No, what I'm calling you...is a television actor.

But I didn't get the reference to Brian Doyle Murray. Who is this and why does the Warden call him a coward? It seems unlikely for the show to just pick any arbitrary name without any relevance to it. Seeing that there is a famous actor named thus still doesn't help me to understand his relation to Arrested Development. Or maybe it is a reference to some casting related quarrels between the show and the actor (as Arrested Development indeed sometimes references incidents related to the show's production itself)?

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I doubt there's a reason. We know James Lipton had access to many actors, so it's funnier and more jarring that he chose to have a bitter tiff, of all people, with a somewhat obscure actor who tends to play affable characters in broad comedies. –  Walt Aug 17 '14 at 16:16
@Walt Hmm, I didn't even know about James Lipton's broader background at all. This gives the Warden's affinity to film-making a whole new angle, it seems. –  Napoleon Wilson Aug 17 '14 at 17:10
Yes, I think some of the jokes with Lipton might fall a little flat without some familiarity with Inside the Actors Studio, especially since Tobias is an aspiring actor and Maeby becomes a film executive. Coincidentally, one of the first parodies I saw of Lipton's perceived sycophancy on ITAS was on Mr. Show, where Lipton was portrayed by David Cross (Tobias). The two made peace on the AD set, though. –  Walt Aug 17 '14 at 18:20

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