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Now before I say this I understand that The Dark Knight Rises was set in the real world and not in comics but the Bane in comics was hilarious. Are there any comments from Christopher Nolan or Tom Hardy about the reason they went in this direction

Why did Bane turn from this.................................................................Into this? enter image description here

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"I understand that..." - Not sufficiently enough, it seems. ;-) –  Napoleon Wilson Aug 15 at 13:54
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While I have absolutely no practical comic background information, I thought that he wasn't unintelligent there either. But nevermind, I think they've made such extensive changes to so many characters that this seems quite natural. However, this is not to say that your question isn't a valid or interesting one, even if a likely answer might just be "to bring him more in line with the rest of the movies' tone and story". –  Napoleon Wilson Aug 15 at 13:59
Well, by using MS Paint, haha. ;-) –  Napoleon Wilson Aug 15 at 14:19
Bane is a mastermind in the comics. He is very intelligent, deduced Batman's secret identity through observation, and set off the events in the Knightfall. Yes he is capable of brute force, but is also a strategist and tactician. That is how he wore Batman down enough that he could beat him in single combat. –  Leatherwing Aug 15 at 16:18

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The movie is based largely on the Knightfall series of comics where Bane is highly intelligent. On his wiki one of his abilities is "Genius Level Intellect".

As to his meticulous controlling personality, the early versions of Bane were just this.

Bane creator Chuck Dixon's early tales portray Bane as a very calm, centered warrior akin to Bruce Lee in as much that he draws strength through calm meditation, and the spiritual energy of the "very rock of Peña Dura" - Wikipedia

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I know he is super intelligent what i don't understand is why they made him so controlled and also took away the Venom aspect. by the end of the movie he seems more like a sad puppy than a super strong excaped con –  Flaunting Aug 15 at 14:21
Then I'd adjust your question and title to reflect what you're actually looking for. The movie follows the Knightfall series where Bane is quite controlled, cunning and intelligent. –  Chad Kapatch Aug 15 at 14:23

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