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Is there any particular reason why The Americans Philip and Elizabeth never wear gloves when they are on a mission?

Apparently they know about fingerprints and how they can be used to identify someone. In Season 1 there is mentioned multiple times that they wiped their prints after using a car. This even leads to suspicion when the FBI finds Amador's car without any prints in it.

In Episode 2 of Season 2 Philip breaks into a house, but uses a screwdriver not to leave any prints, which I imagine is quite inconvenient for opening doors and searching the house in general.

Screwing around

Why are they not simply wearing gloves?

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On some show (maybe NCIS?), an investigator mentions that even latex gloves leave a latex residue that can be traced. I don't have anything to back that up, and I can't even remember what show it's from, so I don't want to add it as an Answer. Just a fun bit of (possibly-true) trivia. –  BrettFromLA Aug 14 at 22:23
Possible, but remember that the show plays in the cold war era. I'm not sure how far forensics were back then. –  atticae Aug 14 at 23:55
Really good point. –  BrettFromLA Aug 15 at 18:10

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