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A number of movies enter production-hell which can severely delay or bar quality source material (books, stories, scripts) from ever reaching the screen.

Which rumoured or confirmed productions are you eagerly waiting on or upset at the lack of progress?

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A long time ago I heard rumours about a remake of Escape from New York, which I, as a definite fan of the original, was eagerly looking forward to, also since Gerard Butler was rumoured to play Snake. Of course I don't think this movie could have in any way held up against the original (but am willing to be surprised), but it nevertheless would have made for an interesting and enjoyable remake, I guess.

But unfortunately the matters are still blurry. Wikipedia says it went through many studios since 2007, still waiting for a screenplay. Though, it's nice to hear Tom Hardy to be a chance for a potential Snake, while I'm not sure what to make of the Jason Statham rumour. While I like him very much and usually enjoy his movies, I'm not sure he would be such a good fit for Snake Plissken, but who knows.

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