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I dont recall much of that movie except that it was a psychological thriller, and a verse was scribbled on a dilapidated wall. In one scene, the villain impersonates a nurse and escapes from the lunatic asylum or some place where he was confined. I dont recall much else so am sorry for the vague details.

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I think the phrase that you're looking for is "My daddy is a dollar / I wrote it on a fence / My daddy is a dollar / not worth a hundred cents."

I am pretty sure this is the movie because this is what the killer keeps on writing on the asylum. The movie is In Dreams and I think its very much similiar to the type of the movie you mentioned about. It has the same scene where killer when he was a kid escapes the asylum in the disguise of a nurse who works there.

Here is the youtube trailer. Hoping this is the one you are seeking.

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Perfect! That was the one I was looking for. With such vague details as I had given, it was really very clever of you to have got the right answer. Kudos! – Mamta D May 15 '12 at 5:11
@MamtaDalal I happened to have seen the movie a while ago. It would've been rather ambiguous to figure it out from scratch. :) – Dredd May 15 '12 at 15:02

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