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In Naruto, the entire Uchiha Clan are all slaughtered by Sasuke's brother, Itachi.

If they're so weak, why did they want to rebel?

Also the third hokage doesn't seem to be the kind condoning genocide. Does this make Konoha a socialist country?

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This sounds like two questions: 1) why do they want to rebel? 2) Is Konoha a socialist country? But I don't know the show, so I can't be sure. – Flimzy May 14 '12 at 6:21
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  1. Itachi is not an evil guy, he is a double agent. He does the killing for Konoha because the entire Uchiha clan was planning for a coup de'tat against the village and Itachi, who already have seen so much slaughter in the ninja war, does not want more blood spilled, so he kills everyone in the clan including his parents. The third Hokage was against the policy from the start and the killing took place without his permission. It was headed by Konoha elders, Danzo and ANBU under him.

  2. Why didn't he kill Sasuke? Because he loved his brother and he couldn't kill him. He wants Sasuke to be an Avenger so he can become powerful and, because of his hatred for his brother, Sasuke can surpass Itachi. Finally Itachi plans their final battle so that by the time he dies he transfers his eye techniques. Yes, Sasuke gets the Mangekyo after that showdown and Yes, Itachi dies at the end of the battle.

  3. How does Sasuke know about this ? It's revealed to him by the Head of Akatsuki (Remember Itachi and Kisame were going after Naruto) which is a terrorist organization for which Itachi was a part of. He joined the group to keep tabs on the organization and secretly keep his eyes on their plans with respect to the village. the reason he comes to the village when he fights Sasuke is because he wanted to threaten Danzo to prove to him that he is alive so he doesn't cause any concern to Sasuke.

Konoha is one among the major five Countries and throughout the series the crux of the matter is being a Ninja is about making sacrifices and how much one pushes themselves for the sake of the mission and their Village. Itachi loved Konoha. To him the village meant something more than his clan, except his brother.

I hope I have clarified your question. if you require further clarification. Add a comment. I will try to explain furthermore.

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Imagine if you're a head of mission impossible team and some senator ordered you to slaughter a whole clan, something you know that the president and majority of voters would never agree, not to mention that the clan is your own families, who would do that? Looks like itachi motive is being retconned here. Kishi intended him to be a jerk, but then change his mind. – Jim Thio May 15 '12 at 7:40
Like i said he loved his village more than his clan. His clan were actually a bunch of power hungry jerks who wanted to be independent and raise a coup against the village so that's why – Dredd May 15 '12 at 14:41
A village that order genocide aren't worth loving, but I guess that's just the story goes. – Jim Thio May 16 '12 at 3:30
its not the village its the higher ups in that village which doesn't include the hokage. if you like the idea of zabuza killing little children to become ninja (remember the first arc) this act isn't that much from it. – Dredd May 16 '12 at 20:32
I would recommend you to watch the series first before making your hypothesis. Plus Naruto is Number one Anime right now you make it sound like the Author is stupid. – Dredd May 21 '12 at 14:55

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