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Tom and Jerry have been playing the Chase Game for a long time, but I never recall Tom actually end it. I do recall Tom eating Jerry, but I can't recall any moment when Tom successfully ate Jerry. So the question is: did Tom ever successfully eat Jerry?

Well, you may say that if Jerry got eaten, the show will end, but of course the writers and animators can bring him back (reincarnation, or Tom eats Jerry in dream).

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Technically, Jerry is swallowed and reaches Tom's stomach here, but I'm guessing it's not what you're after... – Walt Aug 3 '14 at 12:04
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As far as I remember, no.

The only death that happens in the cartoon is on the episode Blue Cat Blues, where it is implied that both of them commit suicide at the end of the episode (it is not actually shown).

From Controversial Cartoon Deaths:

This is not the typical episode about Tom & Jerry. Tom falls madly in love with another cat and showers his sweetie with all sorts of gifts including jewelry and even a car -- but she doesn't seem to be impressed with his meagre fortune. He even signs away his arm and a leg for her, but alas, to no avail. When things go awry, he later becomes an alcoholic. Why? Mr. Butch (Tom's rival) stole his love away from him.

The heartbroken Tom winds up in the gutter and sadly, Mr. Butch ends up marrying Tom's only true love. Of course, all of this is narrated by a 1950's deadpan voice, which adds to the eerie feeling of the short clip.

The episode ends off with Tom on the train tracks with a train approaching... This is definitely not a pick-me-upper.

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While it's the only one for Jerry, it's definitely not the only hinted at death for Tom: There's a second allusion at the end of the episode The Two Mouseketeers (decapitation) and I also remember Tom being dragged away at the end of Dicky Moe. – Mario Aug 3 '14 at 12:01

I Dont Think any Deaths happen. And Even Blue Cat Blues Didn't have Anyone Dying because the show will end, and the next Episode was Barbucue Brawl. And of course, Tom had eated Jerry sucessfully, Well sucessfully until the stomach part and they got out of the stomauch and didn't go throught the other way. He Reached the Stomauch In one Episode, called Belly Ache'n.

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