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"Croissant de Triomphe," one of the episodes of the 2013 cartoon series Mickey Mouse, contains all French dialogue.

What is the English translation of the episode's dialogue?

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Without going into the details of each line of the dialogue, here's a short summary :

  • Minnie's taking orders, all the clients ask for a croissant and a coffee.
  • Minnie realizes she's out of croissants, she asks Mickey to go and get some.
  • Mickey takes his scooter and goes on his quest for the croissants.
  • Clients ask where the croissants are, Minnie tries to offer an omelette, then a soufflé, but they refuse and keep asking for the croissants.
  • When Mickey comes back with the croissants, he falls and tosses them into the air. The children on the carousel tell Mickey they've caught them.
  • Mickey fetches the croissants with his baguette spear and tells the clients "Attention everybody, here come the croissants", then throws them into the plates.
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Excellent. Thank you! – Mike Ripplinger Sep 16 '14 at 1:53

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