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I seem to remember that this was the opening scene of the movie (possibly TV show.).

A man is gently tying his wife / girlfriend to the bed for some consentual BDSM fun. After tying up the woman securely, he gets up and opens the door and, to the surprise of the woman, lets in a large man in a robe who pays him to be left alone with the woman. The large man takes off his robe and walks over to the woman.

It turns out that the first man is actually acting in a movie he is directing. After he yells, CUT, and the actors disperse, the woman comments to the first man that the scenes are getting more and more racy and it concerns her.

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Far too tame for "A Serbian Film", and it doesn't fit the mold of "8mm" since that was a movie about a guy who makes "snuff" films. I'll be interested to hear the answer, it sounds interesting. –  Johnny Bones Jul 28 at 13:19
Movie identification questions must contain sufficient detail to be answerable. For help writing a good identification question, see: Identify-This-X Questions. Identification questions without an accepted answer will be deleted after 14 days. –  CGCampbell Sep 15 at 18:34

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