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Is there any movie in which aliens are having sex with people and killing them by sex, like with semen coming out of women's mouth? I just saw that scene but don't know any more about it. I don't know if they were creatures or aliens and I watched that movie many years ago.

Some clips I know: A wooden bar or maybe house outside of the city and some people are stuck because of some aliens outside of the wooden bar. People are watching outside and they see some creatures having sex with each other.

Also I watched a scene where a woman falls from a window, then suddenly that creature came from somewhere and had sex with her. That creature had sex so much that semen came out of the woman and she died (maybe). It was night when that creature killed the woman.

I only know this information. I want to know the movie's name.

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I can only guess: Project Greenlight's horror film Feast from 2005 is about a group of people stuck in a bar while being attacked by monsters; in one scene they look outside and see the monsters having sex, and in another scene, as specified by IMDb's parental guide (WARNING - GRAPHIC DETAILS):

A creature forces itself onto a woman, making her perform forced oral sex on it (it is not graphically seen, we see the creature thrusting above the woman's head); when it finishes the woman spits up a lot of sperm-like liquid.

The entire movie is currently available on Youtube here. And here's the trailer:

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Good call on the description ... Not much given from the OP. – Pᴀᴜʟsᴛᴇʀ2 Jul 25 '14 at 0:10

It is POSSIBLE you are describing an installment in the Species series. In that continuity, there is a human-alien hybrid that escapes from captivity, (and euthanasia), and becomes determined to mate with a human to produce an offspring. She kills people who either don't perform or who she sees as a threat.

However, I have not seen all the films, so the component of there being a forceful element with the woman having sex after falling does not ring a bell with me.

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Maybe this one its called Decoys

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