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There is a scene from one movie (probably from the 90's) that has left an impression on me and family. The male character pulls up at a drive thru and makes his order. The parrot, in the Italian dub we were watching, then responds: "E poi?" ("What else?")

The exchange then goes on roughly like this:

Character: No, that's all.
Parrot: What else?
Character: No, really, that's all.
Parrot: What else?
Character: Nothing.
Parrot: What else?
Character: I said, nothing!
Parrot: What else?
(ad libitum)

None of the obvious search terms brings up anything on YouTube or Google, so I suppose we must be getting some detail wrong, or maybe it was just a really obscure movie?

Either way, your assistance is appreciated.

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Is the parrot actually seen in that scene? Because there's an identical scene in Dude, Where's My Car? where Ashton Kutcher orders a meal at a drive through and the voice keeps asking "And then?", but it's not a parrot, just a Chinese stereotype that sounds like a parrot. Here it is:

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...uh, so it wasn't a parrot? Okay... – badp Jul 24 '14 at 12:34

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