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Help me identify old movie about a man, who was dying of a lung disease and he fights to save a sequoia park (I can't remember from what). It is an old movie 80s or before.

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Possibly Guardian of the Wilderness (AKA Mountain Man) from 1976 about the life of Galen Clark. From the TVGuide synopsis:

Clark, a man who helped pass legislation to save the Sequoia Forest of Yosemite in the 1860s... is a miner who in his later years contracts black lung disease. He sets out for the wilderness and fresh air and encounters Dehner, a naturalist, who joins him. Pyle finds a great forest of sequoias and settles down in a nearby valley, where he builds a cabin. Lumber companies try to come in and cut down the huge trees, but Pyle and Dehner fight them off.

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