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I'm watching through the weird Twin Peaks series. If you remember, Laura Palmer, in one of her tapes to Dr. Jacoby, talks about her secret coconut (or secret in the coconut, maybe). What did she mean by that? At first I thought it was the half-necklace that ends up with Dr. Jacoby, but he only gets the necklace after Laura dies, when Donna and James bury it.

There are some other holes in the story, but for some reason, this one kept bugging me. Any ideas?

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It's been a while, but I thought her half was in the coconut and James' half was recovered from the woods. –  Meat Trademark Jul 15 '14 at 5:20
Actually, I think OP's right: The first half was found on her body, the second half was buried and then recovered by Jacoby. It's possible she meant she knows he hides stuff in there (there was also a tape in it). Maybe a rewatch in preparation for the new season is in order. –  Walt Mar 17 at 16:33

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