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I saw a part of this movie as a kid in the mid 80's. It was about robbers (I think) who try to hide their loot behind paintings, painting it into walls etc....

Does anyone recall this movie?

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You're probably going to need to provide way more detail than that for anyone to adequately help you. –  MattD Jul 14 '14 at 3:10

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I remember that Roy Dillon, a con man played by John Cusack in the movie The Grifters hid his money in the back of portraits. It is possible his mother Lilly, a con woman played by Anjelica Huston, did so, too. The film was released in 1990.

Cusack [Roy] fails in a con, and is beaten and sent to the hospital. His mother, while tending to him, gets in trouble with her boss and needs money fast. She must know how Roy stores his cash because she probably taught him.

From imdb.com: You see his mother Lilly in the process of packing his money stash, hidden in the back of picture frames, into a suitcase. He [Roy] confronts her, and she tells him she shot Myra in self-defense and arranged the scene to appear as though Myra's body was actually Lilly's. Lily is trying to make Bobo believe she's dead.

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