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During the raid of the OmniCorp Headquarters Rick Mattox is almost able to kill RoboCop, due to wearing a bracer tagged as a Red Asset (marking him as Do not engage).

Luckily enough, Jack Lewis is able to shoot him in the back.

Later on the rooftop, there's a similar standoff with Raymond Sellars and another bracer involved, yet this time Murphy just aims and shoots the moment Sellars fires his weapon.

Both scenes are very similar to the hidden fourth directive in the original movie granting immunity to all current members of OCP.

While he obviously had to fight against the programming, he obviously overcame it rather quickly at once. Or was there some kind of override triggered by some of Sellars' actions?

  • Is this possibly just one big plot hole?
  • There is no visible override effect when Mattox shoots RoboCop in the back. So I don't think it would be the case with Sellars.
  • Is it really just due to his family being endangered?
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While my memory is very fuzzy, Wikipedia seems to agree that it is really only his own will and anger at the sight of his threatened family that overcomes his programming. –  Napoleon Wilson Jul 10 '14 at 9:32

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