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  The Mountain of Youth [Source]

The Mountain of Youth aired one month after the series finale and was billed as "the lost episode":

MacGyver joins Jack Dalton in Kabulstan on a search for a fountain of youth in a land that appears to be a real Shangri-La - and finds himself battling nuclear terrorists in the process.

I know there are two episode that never aired in Germany. One of those is about Neo-Nazis, who at one point trap MacGyver in a small room and pump in gas to kill him, so I kind of understand why this episode wasn't shown in Germany (in the early 90's).

But with "The Mountain of Youth" I can't see a reason why it was held back in the US.

My Question:

  • Why was the production company (or the broadcasting network ABC) reluctant to show the episode "The Mountain of Youth"?
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