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Earlier this year, singer Shakira released a new song called Empire, along with its music video. This identification request relies on a part of the chorus (or more precisely, the way it's sung), when you can hear the following :

And I'm like ooh ooh

This little piece is repeated several times during each chorus. Now, I know I am not giving much for identification, but when listening to this song, I just can help thinking it is very similar to the opening credits of some TV show... This ooh and the way it was arranged by audio engineers reminds me of something, I just can't find out what.

Even though I don't have much to request with, I noticed in the video's comments some people having exactly the same reaction, therefore I don't think it's something only I would notice (a friend of mine actually has the same feeling). I immediately thought about a T.V. show relating fantasy/mystery facts, maybe some paranormal... yet no name has yet come to my mind after listening a bunch of intros.

Can you think of a T.V. show using a similar audio arrangement, maybe on the same words?

Edit : some leads : those are TV shows I actually watched

  • House (Teardrop) : not quite. The song lacks some of Empire's punch.
  • Lie To Me (Brand New Day) : same words and a similar arrangement, but yet, not quite it.
  • Alphas (People Don't Understand) : the guitar seems to play something similar...
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Erm. Maybe the ooh-ing in Orphan Black's theme? I dunno. As you say, there's not much here to go on... ;) –  Walt Jul 5 at 23:19
I am afraid this is not the one. My apologies for the lack of content in the question though! –  user11523 Jul 5 at 23:49
The "ooh" refrain sounds a little like "Madder Red" by Yeasayer. I don't know that it was ever used for opening credits, though. youtube.com/watch?v=QO1y1wJduCo –  Will Feldman Jul 6 at 2:50
BTW, other bits of 'Empire' kinda sound like Massive Attack's 'Teardrop', which is the House theme song. :) –  Walt Jul 6 at 10:38
@Wait I do see why you're making this connection, but Teardrop lacks a bit of Empire's energy, and it does not quite fit... I also tried Lie To Me, but again, not quite... –  user11523 Jul 6 at 11:45

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