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At end of Edge of Tomorrow, when Cage and Rita and the crew are flying to the Louvre, the crew starts jumping out of the transport. Rita looks at Cage with a surprised look and says something like "you're not strapped in." Then she jumps out and he goes down with the ship.

What was going on in that moment? Was Cage tricking her somehow? I feel like there was some sort of twist occurring right then, but I missed the full context.

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The first time they land on the beach one can see that the soldiers don't actually jump out of the plane, but they drop, while attached to a cable (to break their fall). - What Rita says is: "You are not hooked in.", meaning that Cage was not attached to a cable (which is why he doesn't "drop" like others, but crash lands in the water with the plane). –  Oliver_C Jul 5 at 21:43

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