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I only remember the main outline, and most likely it wasn't the sole focus of the movie. More of a sub-plot or perhaps a sub-story in an omnibus.

There's an entartainer (could be an idol/actress/singer), who loses her sight (either due to an assault or an illness). She is forgotten by the show-biz world, until one day a fan appears before her and proclaims that he'll care for her from now on (he may or may not confess his love as well at that point).

Genre: Drama, seemed Shunji Iwai-esque in style,

Production date: late 90s/early 2000s

Any ideas?

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One of the 3 stories in Takashi Kitano's Dolls from 2002 is about a female pop idol whose face is disfigured in an accident (she loses an eye) and she becomes a recluse. A devoted fan then blinds himself and she allows him into her life. Could this be it? Here's the trailer.

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Yes, thanks, that's surely it. To think I'd forget the key part to the story there (the fan voluntarily blinding himself). – scrwtp Jul 6 '14 at 16:00

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