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I last saw this film in 2003, and I want to know what it's called. It was on Channel 5 UK if that helps. Here's what I recall:

In one scene, the main character is seen tying up a dead man using ropes during the night, and I think a woman was with him. The fat man may have just been unconscious. I think this in an open field.

In another, the main character shoots a man in a room full of others (they seemed to be having dinner). The man he shoots is quite small.

Towards the end, the character is sitting against a wall with his friend, and another man sits opposite them. The man opposite shoots his friend, and the main character shoots the man in retaliation.

At the end, a train is seen riding along.

That's all I remember, oh and plus it was in colour and looks to have been made around the 60s or 70s, or possibly 50s.

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I do not know the name of this western, but I think you should format your question better. Just put the summary as plain text, not as a quote (or is that a code block). –  jahu Jul 4 at 17:11
That is not much to go on. About what year do you think it was made? What country? Descriptions of characters? Any other details? –  MJ6 Jul 4 at 17:37
It looked pretty old, but was in colour, i'd say 60s-70s. Country? America, Wild West possibly? The main character wore a hat –  83457 Jul 7 at 17:52
May I ask: Why was he tying up a dead body during the night? And what did he tie it to? –  Walt Jul 7 at 18:38
@Walt Like I said I last saw it in 2003, when I was 4 or 5, so I wouldn't remember the intricacies. I'm not entirely sure why he was tying up a body, or perhaps the man was knocked out. He wasn't tying it to anything as far as I can remember. –  83457 Jul 7 at 19:05

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