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In S06E24- 5am to 6am of 24, after Philip Bauer's failed plan to sell a Russian nuclear circuitboard to China ends in his fiery doom and the capture of Cheng, we see him bloodies and burned back at CTU:

Bloody Cheng

Before he states:

My people will not abandon me like you abandoned Jack Bauer.

However in the latest episode, S09E10- 8pm to 9pm:

We find out Cheng was responsible for commissioning the override device which was used to perpetrate the drone attacks. Chloe casually mentions that the Chinese held him in prison.

Cheng II: Chen's Revenge (again)

But she doesn't say how the Chinese got him from the Americans or how he got away from them. Is there any more information about this or are we just to assume that his people didn't abandon him, as he said?

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