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I'm trying to remember the name of a (somewhat horror) movie in which some people get somehow stranded in a boat , and as usuall, things go wrong.

The main plot is that some giant lampreys (snake-like sea creatures) attack the crew.

enter image description here

There is not much to say about the plot, other than the creatures are big ass lampreys, and the usual "everyone gets killed one at a time" of this kind of movies.

I estimate it is a 90's movie.

SPOILERS from here on

at the end, only a few members get it out of the ship, and manage to get to a nearby island, only to realize that they landed on a lamprey infested place. The movie ends with a birds view of such island, and we hear monstruous noises and trees moving around as if they are attacking each other...

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This is Deep Rising: the creatures you describe as 'Lampreys' are actually semi autonomous tentacles which are the appendages of a giant sea-creature, which is implied to be a prehistoric monster.

enter image description here

Finnegan and Trillian use the jet ski to travel to the nearby island, where they are soon joined by Joey. He survived the attack and escaped to the island using Finnegan's surfboard. As the three relax, a loud roar echoes across the island and something crashes toward them through the nearby forest while the camera pans out to reveal multiple active volcanoes within the island. An exasperated Finnegan mutters, "Now what?"

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yay! this is it! thank you very much. I didn't remember it being tentacles of a bigger creature =P thanks! – DiegoDD Jul 3 '14 at 3:29

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