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Quote from Iron Man 3, emphasis my own:

[as Hogan lies in hospital critically injured, Tony is sat in his room when a nurse walks in to check on Hogan]


Tony Stark: Uh...mind leaving that on?

Happy's Nurse: Sure.

[Tony rises from his seat]

Tony Stark: Sunday night's PBS 'Downtown Abbey'. That's his show, he thinks it's elegant.

[he pauses for a moment]

Tony Stark: One more thing...make sure everyone wears their badges. He's a stickler for that sort of thing, plus my guys won't let anyone in without them.

[Tony turns to leave]

I just watched this scene and stopped to search the quote to make sure I heard it right:

Tony Stark says that his guys won't let anyone in without them, but earlier the badge thing (And Happy's security measures in general) didn't seem important at all to him and Pepper.

Perhaps I misunderstood this. I'm thinking by badges, Tony means his own security badges, not police badges.

Did Tony post guys outside of Happy's hospital room and have them require security badges to get in?

The thing that doesn't make sense to me is the idea of personal security in a public hospital, requiring personnel and visitors to wear badges from a personal security system.

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Pretty evident from the excerpt you mentioned, isn't it? –  KeyBrd Basher Jul 1 at 8:08
@KeyBrdBasher Not.. extremely. It doesn't make very much sense the way I'm seeing it. Think about it; personal security in a public hospital, requiring personal security badges? –  user9733 Jul 1 at 16:11
What makes you think it was a public hospital? And even it was, I don't see any reason why a billionaire superhero can't get his personal security team to guard one of his staff. Especially, in the aftermath of a suspected terror attack. –  KeyBrd Basher Jul 2 at 6:19
@KeyBrdBasher but it's a respect thing, more than a reasonable thing. I think that's what made me curious –  user9733 Jul 2 at 6:32

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