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I'm really not sure and don't want to try each part of Hellraiser to find it, but maybe someone would tell me what movies was that:

  1. There was huge labirynth which had to be traversed to go to some place visible on the horizon (but not as in Leviathan, not these actors).
  2. The film was constantly dark and navy blue (maybe this was the TV or channel).
  3. The film was from 80s or 90s as it was seen by me about 90s. Color movie.
  4. There were some monsters. Maybe only one but important and seen on the screen from time to time.
  5. As I remember the most parts of the film were in hell (seems like Hellraiser, but which part?).
  6. There were some young men and women as the main actors (still Hellraiser).
  7. It was horror.
  8. I don't remember guy with needles on his head, so it would not be Hellraiser (it can be other film).
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Can you explain what you mean by 'not as in Leviathan'? –  Walt Jun 20 at 22:55
Walt: I've seen that part on YT and it is not that dark there. It looks very similar. @MrLore Yes, it is familiar, but the maze was flat and it was dark. –  pbies Jun 20 at 23:11
@pbies: What part? Number 2? –  Walt Jun 20 at 23:12
@Walt youtube.com/watch?v=u2qT7GylRxw 0:27 –  pbies Jun 20 at 23:13
Right, so not HII then. And it would be too silly to suggest Labyrinth, right? ;) –  Walt Jun 20 at 23:16

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