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I just found this community and am excited. I hope someone will help me find which film has impressed my young memory. I am searching for years for this film!

I don't have much details,I just saw a sequence and would like to watch it entirely. It was possibly a black and white movie from the 50's or 60's, showed on european television in the 80's. There were no dialogue. A boy (I would say 4-5 years old) and his older sister (8-10 years old?) were living alone on an island (not a tropical one). It is windy, maybe autumn turning winter, they play and search outside, maybe for food. They have cold because they are not appropriately dressed for the season. Next we see them in an empty house with a big fur rug on the floor. The girl cut the fur rug and sew it to make two jackets for her and her brother to have warm in winter.

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Do you know any country\ethnicity details? And could this be a short film? –  Walt Jun 20 at 20:55
I am from Belgium. I don't know which channel it was. The children were european, maybe from an island in north europe or something? Yes it could possibly be a short film. –  user11263 Jun 22 at 16:56
I wonder if this is Island of the Blue Dolphins from 1964 about a 12 year old girl and her 6 year old brother stranded on an island. It barely has any dialogue but other things don't fit (it's in color and the siblings are Native Americans). –  Walt Aug 5 at 11:47

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