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Which movie uses this piece of music? I thought it was Cloud Atlas or 2046, but the details on their IMDB pages are scarce. I could swear it sounds familiar.

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Several movies feature this piece. Can you be more specific? –  Walt Jun 17 at 19:58
Any movie. Which one? Do you have a list? –  Chloe Jun 17 at 20:04

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Recent films that featured this piece, according to IMDb:

Il Divo (2008)

Mr Nobody (2009)

Ice Castles (2010)

Manalive (2012)

Older films:

Royal Flash (1975)

Monster Club (1981)

Your question might not stay here for long, though. Questions that generate lists are considered off-topic and ID questions must include sufficient details about the movie you're looking for.

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That list is inaccurate though, as here is the actual Mr. Nobody soundtrack and Pavane is not listed. –  Chloe Jun 17 at 20:26
That's the original score composed for the film, not the existing songs that featured in it. Here's a list of the latter (that includes Pavane): what-song.com/Movies/Soundtrack/668/Mr.-Nobody –  Walt Jun 17 at 20:33
Ok I skimmed the whole movie again and found it. viooz.co/movies/1923-mr-nobody-2009.html It's at 83:00. That was the only movie in the list I saw, so that must have been where I heard it. –  Chloe Jun 18 at 6:00

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