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In Edge of Tomorrow, when Cage asks Rita if she's tried having sex to get the time loop ability back, with whom does she mean, since they are the only 2 who have had the ability?

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I don't think we should interpret Rita's response to mean she tried using sex to get the ability back after she had lost it.

Instead, I think Rita tried to transfer the ability from herself to the person she was in love with during her cycle at Verdun. (i.e. while she still had the ability.)

She watched that person die ~300 times, and tried everything she could think of to save them and/or share her "gift" with them. Hence her strong conviction that Cage would not be able to give it back to her again (through any means).

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+1 - Indeed, that's the actual answer it seems. – Napoleon Wilson Jun 20 '14 at 9:18
Nice. I didn't make the connection between that scene and the lover she didn't want to talk about. – cde Oct 26 at 3:47

There's no reason to think the other person (sexual partner) had the Loop ability. That was never said or implied. She just tried things to heighten her awareness, like intercourse.

As far as we know know there were only two people with this gift / curse.

Sorry the answer is so short, but padding it out won't help anything.

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Cage specifically says he wants to try to transfer the ability to her (because she is a better soldier and has a better chance of succeeding)...implying that sex (his semen, I would assume) may be able to transfer the time loop ability. – I wish I was Incredible Jun 16 '14 at 3:01
Watch the movie again and you'll see that it was a joke. He was just trying to get into her pants. (I've seen it twice.) – Meat Trademark Jun 16 '14 at 5:20
The only helpful part of your answer is if you're saying that Rita was joking about trying sex at all...which I don't think she was. I guess I will try other places for more constructive and thoughtful answers. – I wish I was Incredible Jun 17 '14 at 16:28
I meant the length of the exchange and Cage pushing a little too far (hinting that he wanted have sex with her) was the joke. She had tried it before, but the sequence was longer than necessary for comedic effect. – Meat Trademark Jun 17 '14 at 16:32

I think it's a mistake, made in the script and shouldn't be there because it's a ridiculous notion, if she still had it she wouldn't have tried having sex with anyone in the hope of getting it back, unless it was one of the aliens - or she might have tried passing it on, but in that case she hadn't lost it. right? so it's either her old boyfriend or an alien, don't think the alien would be so receptive though.

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As the accepted answer points out, the asker got it wrong in the first place anyway, and it wasn't someone she tried to have sex with in order to get back the ability, but someone she tried to transfer it to when she still had it. So your answer seems quite irrelevant afterall, since this has never been in the script in the first place. – Napoleon Wilson Oct 9 '14 at 3:58

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