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I watched The Edge of Tomorrow yesterday and I think I heard the background news report mention the Angel of Verdun had 100 kills in Verdun, and not long after it was said she had 300 kills. Did anyone else notice that? If so, how is that possible? That battle already occurred in the past, before Cage got the ability.

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She said she watched her friend die 300 times, if I'm not misstaken –  Roldi Jun 17 at 5:43

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As the movie is not on DVD or anything similar yet, I cannot link to proof of this answer. I saw the movie twice and they never said she killed a hundred. They always said hundreds of kills. You may have not heard the plural "s" in the theater, but I assure you, it's there. From the beginning she is credited with "hundreds" of kills.

Sorry it's not possible to back up my statement, but lack of proof does not mean I'm wrong. Time will get my back on this one.

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Thank you @Walt –  Meat Trademark Jun 22 at 18:52

She died 300 times - after seeing her friend die 300 times. But during that time she became more skilful, and more importantly, like Cage after her, she learned where the mimics were, and what they were doing. Each time she was able to kill more. By the time she was wounded and lost the ability to reset time, she was able to kill hundreds and win the battle on her own. After that she was just like any other soldier, only more experienced at killing mimics.

What is not explained is why France was overrun if humans won at Verdun.

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Good point on the question: why france was overrun when the battle there. Simple, an old statement for war says "we may have won this battle, but tomorrow we wouldn't know if we will win the war" first of all. Take under note that the movie is played under an alien invasion, attaching to reality says that human race is not prepared for an alien invasion at those scales, remember also, that when Rita Vrataski loses the ability to reshape time, she doesn't find the omega, at some point in the movie she explains that. Like in all wars, a sector, no matter the facts, can be always be recovered by enemy forces. That's a fact. Also, we should study the movie a little bit, there are a few mistakes there. For example: if they won the battle of verdun, but didn't kill the omega, how is it possible that rita vrataski were alive, if it is understood that once lost the ability to reshape time, its known that the omega alrady had the answer to that problem, and so, it would have sent all mimicans to kill that threat, I'm still watching the movie to understand it better, but trust me, there are a few errors on the drama. Good night to all.

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I have no idea what to make of this answer. –  MattD 6 hours ago

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